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Making Us your Agent

If you would like to make us your agent, in order for us to continue assisting you in enrollment, you have to enter our agent information either during your eligibility application or during plan selection.

Our agent information:

 Name: Michael Bolliger
Organization name: Bolliger & Sons
FFM User ID: mbolliger
NPN number: 1329833

Depending on which Marketplace eligibility application you are using (“Classic FFM” or “New Streamlined Eligibility Application) you will see either:

The “Classic FFM” eligibility application where you would in our NPN (1329833)



Or the “New Streamlined Eligibility Application” where you have to check mark “Another person is helping me complete my application” and then fill in our information.

The checkbox to click, to enter in our NPN (1329833)



What should populate after clicking checkbox, to enter our information



The last place you can enter our information to ensure that we are your agent is during your plan selection.

During the plan selection process, a hyperlink will display stating, “is a new or different assistor helping you with your enrollment?” Clicking on the link will produce a window titled “Help applying for coverage,” which includes a drop down box where “Agent or broker” may be selected. After making that selection, the consumer may enter the NPN (1329833) and the name of the FFM-registered agent (Michael Bolliger).

The Hyperlink to click to enter or change NPN during plan selection, in the Marketplace pathway



Drop down box where “agent or broker” may be selected during plan selection, in the Marketplace pathway



Where our NPN (1329833) may be entered during plan selection, in the Marketplace pathway



If you need any assistance feel free to contact us.

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