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Independent Agents are Best-Equipped to Help Consumers Navigate The Health Insurance Maze

Portland, OR – Independent insurance agents and brokers are a trained and accountable workforce, already in existence, ready to assist consumers in navigating the new health care world created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“Individuals and small businesses seeking information on what health insurance plan best fits their needs can count on sound advice from a licensed health insurance agent or broker,” says a certified Federal Health Care agent, Michael Bolliger, Bolliger & Sons Insurance “With all the changes and confusion surrounding health care insurance, we encourage families and small businesses to seek the best professional advice possible.”

The benefits of using an experienced independent insurance agent include:

  • Guiding consumers (both individuals and businesses) through the labyrinth of laws governing the health care system and assisting them in determining the appropriate coverage.
  • Professional agents can assist in reviewing health insurance options and completing the enrollment process.
  • Every individual, family and small business has different needs. Independent agents work with multiple insurance companies to find the plan that best fits the needs of each consumer.
  • The role of an agent does not stop at the point of sale. Agents remain with the consumer throughout the life of each policy, providing advice through the claims process and assisting in the prevention of fraud.
  • Agents are licensed and regulated by the state, fulfill ongoing educational requirements, are appropriately bonded and insured, comply with strong marketplace and privacy requirements, and undergo background checks.
  • Agents may also have the ability to offer plans outside the exchange to customers
  • A consumer who works with an agent will not be charged more for enrolling in an exchange-offered plan if they elect to work with an agent/broker.
  • Consumers can go to the Oregon Department of Insurance website, to confirm that the person they are working with is a licensed health insurance agent/broker.
  • Agents are also available to assist those businesses that are ineligible to secure coverage for their employees via the exchanges.
  • Unlike agents/brokers, navigators are not permitted to advise consumers about which health plan they should choose or offer advice about which plan is better or worse for a particular individual or employer.

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